Why women should be celebrated


My Worth


The most admirable characteristic of a woman is her strength. We usually recognise and praise a woman for her beauty, be it her flawless skin, her thick mane or her perfect curves. All these are worth celebrating, but what tops it all, is her “dung beetle” strength.

The dung beetle metaphor is related to the common fact that it is the strongest animal on the planet….in relation to size. This is how I view women, a hidden strong force that many do not see. The things that females experience have been riddled with injustice, inequality and enormous abuse. Who they are and what they are capable of doing has been eroded by “normality”.

My mother is my first candidate of choice when it comes to choosing an ambassador of a woman’s strength. I watched her raise 4 children on her own from the ripe age of 38 after my father…

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