Daily Writing Prompt: Edible & Flash Fiction. #amreading


I’ve not done a WordPress writing prompt for a while. Normally I actually do write a personal response to these. Today’s word  is edible and I love food, there’s not actually much I don’t like other than beetroot and celery. For Yasmin and Michael, the pair are broadening their taste buds with some exotic very edible food, over in Sri Lanka….

“Good evening, what can I get for you both?”

Yasmin and Michael glance at the menus both unsure of the many ingredients, and spices on the menu. Michael speaks up first.

“I’ll take the chef’s special whatever you recommend. I feel adventurous tonight.”

He eyes Yasmin as he emphasises the adventurous. Yasmin outright blushes and looks back down at her menu, as quickly as she can. He’s flirting, what the actual fuck!?… I think I like it.

“And for you Ms.?”

“I’ll try the special too.”

“As you wish, some wine for you both?”

“Yes please.” Michael and Yasmin respond in unison.

“Red or white?”

“Red.” They both respond.

The pair look at each other and smile. Their first common ground established, red wine. The waiter glances from one of them to the other, he realises this is a first date of some sort. His own heart warms. He heads back to the shack and turns on some soft Indian music. He returns with a bottle of red wine, and an extra shot of dark rum for them both. Michael and Yasmin gladly take their shots, then thank the waiter for his generosity. As Michael pours two glasses of wine Yasmin opens the conversation.

“So how was the rest of your day, after you left?”

Michael lets out a long breath and looks out at the sea.

“Well, I never got up to much. I found a little place in the other direction from here, drank myself silly on coffee, done some thinking, took a long walk along the beach and done some more thinking. I found a vendor selling day trips to the Kande Viharaya temple.”

Yasmin’s eyes light up at the mention of the temple. She remembers this is one of the reasons that made her book a ticket to the retreat. The day trip to visit the historical place of worship intrigues her.

“Oh wow, I remember reading about that before I left London. I think there’s a day trip planned for all guests sometime this week.”

“Would you like to go?”

“I’d love to Michael.”

Michael gives Yasmin his full attention as he turns slightly toward her. In a nervous faint voice, he questions her further.

“Together … I mean.”

Yasmin’s glass of wine stops midway to her mouth. She turns to Michael.

“Not like a date or anything.” Michael quickly adds, once he realises how what he said came across. Yasmin smiles a bright smile.

“Sure, why not. Let’s do it…. But not like a date or anything.”

The couple chuckle with laughter. The waiter approaches their table with two sweet smelling plates of food. He proudly places a plate down in front of each of them.

“For you madam, and you sir.”

“Smells great, what is it?”

Yasmin asks, as her mouth waters looking down into her plate.

“Curry and rice is our comfort food here in Sri Lanka. This is a simple chicken and dhal curry. The chicken has been marinated in spices and coconut for two days! On the side, here is Kottu Roti, a flat bread with stir fried vegetables, spices and soya sauce.”

“Umm hmm sounds like my kind of food.” Michael chimes in as he unfolds his napkin ready to tuck in.

“Thank you sir, enjoy.”

The waiter refills each of their glasses, then leaves them to enjoy their meal.

Between mouthfuls of food, the pair talk, and get to know each other a little better. As the early evening sky turns to navy blue, Yasmin and Michael polish off their second bottle of red wine then call for their bill.

“Was everything okay? Did you enjoy your meal?”

“Yes, thank you it was delicious.”

Yasmin beams up at the waiter as she reaches for her purse. Michael places a hand on her shoulder as he notices.

“No, Yasmin please this is my treat.”

“It’s fine honestly I don’t mind.”

“Well I do, keep your purse where it is.”

Michael places a Sri Lankan note on the table to pay for their meal, and leave a tip.

“Thank you.”

“No problem. Thanks for a lovely evening.”

The waiter reaches for the note and starts to count out Michael’s change.

“No keep it all the meal was worth every penny.”

“Ah very kind of you sir.”

Michael nods and takes Yasmin’s hand, to help her up from behind the table.

“We’ll see you again soon maybe.”

Yasmin calls after the waiter as he heads back to the shack, he turns and waves to the couple.

Yasmin notices Michael’s still holding her hand, as they walk down toward the shore front. The feeling feels odd to her not because it’s him. It’s the simple fact that she is holding hands with someone, other than her mother. She can’t remember the last time she had male company for an evening, even if it was just platonic company.

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