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Beta readers


I’m about to unleash Lover’s Retreat to the world. I’m doing another call to anyone who would like to be a Beta Reader for me? Thank you to those who came back to me and said yes, I’m so appreciative for your time.  I also have a good friend of mine who is a romance author, a best selling one at that. She’s on the look out for Beta Readers too. If you’d like to beta read for us, or your a book blogger interested in free Author Review Copies to read  contact me here.

Do you like these genres/themes within stories:

Romance .


Paranormal (not my genre this is the other author).

Time Travel genre (not my genre this is the other author)

Contemporary fiction /romance.

Thriller/ crime (that’s yours truly 🙂 ).

A multi cultural / diverse line up of characters. (both of us)

Strong, likeable women.

Modern day Romeos for men.

Location based stories all around the world.

Stories that touch on real life issues.

Kick ass stories!

Are you okay with:

My use of British English spellings? If this will annoy you I’m sorry I may not be the author for you. I spell organised with a S! Favourite has a U… got it?

Are you:

Over 18 …..things can get a lil’ steamy in our stories. Both myself and the other author are not really into all that sweet wholesome romance. We write about love and sex in tasteful ways. Our characters do more than hold hands and walk in the park. *Wink

Honest & reliable.

Able to keep things confidential?- This is important.We will send you our work before it’s published…don’t let the cat out the bag!

What does a Beta Reader do?

In a nutshell read and critique, in a constructive way. Offer their views on what’s been placed in front of you good or bad. And you lucky people get free books! We just want helpful feedback.

Thank you!


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