Happy Father’s Day, Mom!

I love how this post has been wrote. So much truth, just a reminder that if you are raised by just a woman you’re more than fine! My mum has done a great job with my sisters and I. She said the same thing your mum said to me about having both parents. Salute to all the mama’s handling business on their own. Such a sweet reminder of a woman’s strength when need be. Thanks for sharing. And I love you Mum!

The Stories I Write

Being a father is not just being the male parent in the family. It is deeper than that.
As much as I hate to be stereotypical and sexist, society has long been dictating that being a father means providing well for the family, protecting the family, making sure everyone is comfortable and has their needs and so on. All these things are for me, stereotypical and sexist. Even if you have not given your sperm as contribution to make a child, even if you do not have a child, you can be a “father”. You may be a woman, man, lesbian, gay, bisexual etc., you can and you may be a father figure to everyone around you.

And for the longest time, we were raised to not be held captive of stereotypes and gender issues.

I can remember having a conversation with my mom when I was 7 years old…

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