Novel #3: “In The Name of Love” Preview…. #amwriting #preview


This week, I shared with you a little flash fiction, it was a snip-it from the current novel I’m writing. The genre is thriller! ( Yeah baby!), I introduced you to Charlotte Price- Smith the main female lead in my story. Here’s a little background on the story itself. I have named the story ” In the Name of Love.”

Charlotte, (thirty- five in the present day) has been convicted for the murder of her ex- lover’s wife five years ago. Both she and her ex-lover were on trial for the murder at the time. They both had a motive for murder. Her ex- lover   Joseph, is actually an old school friend.  She met him years later  when the affair started, he has a shady background also. He is actually one of London’s notorious drug dealers, trying to make his money and leave that life behind. He spends a lot of time between London and Amsterdam. The two go on trial.

Due to some incriminating evidence the jury leaned toward Charlotte as the guilty party. That and the fact that she is sadly, mentally ill she was diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic at the age of eighteen, but hid it well from her lover and everyone else who did not know her well, when she was in the free world.

At thirty, she’s trialled for murder, and sentenced to time in a mental institution as apposed to prison due to her mental ill health. The Judge thought she was at the time criminally insane.  Charlotte has pleaded not guilty from day one, and in fact feels she was framed by her lover.   Five years later, aged thirty -five she has a score to settle and wants to clear her name. While  fighting to have her case reopened and heard in court again,which she does manage to achieve due to advances in DNA matching five years later, she falls in love again… I won’t give away all the details. 

Readers will learn who the real murderer is….And have a some what shocking surprise!

I won’t say too much! But I will say, this is not a predictable story, the  “who-done-it” will surprise you, the character line up is diverse, and you will be transported between London, Amsterdam’s Red Light district and the Caribbean as a reader. You know me I like to keep it suspenseful, modern and engaging so I hope it will be an enjoyable story.

I’ll do another flash fiction snip-it soon so stay tuned! But for now here is the one I did earlier this week. Click here.

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