Word Prompt Response: D.R.I.V.E

Drive      Write a response to today’s WordPress word writing prompt.

  1. ” To push, propel,  or press onward forceably ; urge forward.”
  2. ” To carry or urge along.”
  3. ” To repulse or put up a fight by force or influence.”

Just a few definitions I found in a dictionary for the word drive, I’ve learned a valuable lesson regarding this word. What drives one person or maybe 99% of the population eg the aim of achievement can demotivate another, on reflection I learned this in one particular relationship I had.

Sad but true, you as a person can be really motivated to achieve little goals you set yourself  as an individual and want to set little goals as a couple  sadly, your partner may see this as some kind of negative trait about you or your personality,  even go as far as believing that it’s  your drive that’s ruining  the  relationship…. How can a person feel that drive, motivation and caring about one’s path in life are bad traits or de- motivators for them personally? Is there such thing as being too ambitious?? … This is a rhetorical question, I gave up caring and trying to figure that one out a LONG time ago, right after I realised that this type of person will always be stuck in first gear in their life, so best to leave them to it.

I personally plan to stay driven! Not in a  competitive way but to have an idea of what it is I’d like to work towards, or what it is I do or do not need, get my ass into gear and do it. I’ve learned as a person I have more than first gear in me if need be.

Drive is important, drive should be what keeps us going when times are tough and life is not always on our side rather than just give up, and it’s certainly something that I want my son to understand in life; just how important drive is. In order to have drive and stay focused I’ve learned a good starting point is:

Determination- so you stay driven  to do whatever it is you set out to do and and get from A- B.

Resilience- so you can handle knock backs or possibly a  change of direction in your goals.

Intelligent ways of working- so that time does not slip away and you achieve nothing!

Vision- to know where you’re going and why you’re heading there. I’ve always believed that failing to plan is a sure plan to fail.

Experience- learning along the way helps shape what you do and how you continue to do it… if at all if the experience taught you not to do it!

I like this word, D.R.I.V.E. 

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