Word Prompt Response: I Can See Through You


I can see through you and the bravado, just like Alice could see through her looking glass

Your walk, your stance and all your cheap talk,   like a sheep in wolf’s clothing really you’re made of cheap glass,

 I know you  thought you had me under some kind of trance, rooted to you, dependent on you ; have you reflected on how little you actually knew?

You think you’re hard, tough and titanium, really you’re just like glass

You  shatter under  pressure into a million pieces you’re full of cracks

Where we are , in this very here and now  you probably thought I’d be the one to crack maybe I’d even come running back?

Beautiful man I’m the survivor, beautiful man I’m the titanium

I won’t ever crack,  because I can’t crack , I’m made of stronger stuff than glass

That is why you’re  now firmly a thing of the past.



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