Character Development… Humm

As I’m now knee deep in writing the plot for my story, character development has been playing on my mind a lot. This is something I really want to get right in my first book. To me, what has made some of the best books I’ve ever read would be the characters; or even if it was not the best storyline or book in the world well rounded characters kept me turning pages.

So, in my personal view, I know what I like when it comes to main characters in plots, but now I am no longer writing for myself! I’d like to know what the masses think about character development. What makes a character memorable? likeable? Stand out and not just appear flat.

I thought of some of the books I have read with characters I really enjoyed, even if I did not like the actual character. Gillian Flynn’s ” Gone Girl” came to mind, the main female character I hated her but the point is I could tell she was a crack pot with a super twisted personality right the word go as I read that book. (Which I love), also ”Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn, some super dark and twisted characters in that one too they really stood out.  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s ” Americanah” the main female character just popped in her writing,  strong, bold, a no shit kinda women, but she also has a soft side -I loved her and the book too.

See where I’m going with this? For you what makes a character ”well developed” and memorable even if you did not like them? Is it important to like them? Or identify with them in some way?  Especially in a romance novel if you’re a big romance reader.

I could not identify with Gillian Flynn’s main female character in ” Gone Girl” but I sure do remember that chick! She’s crazy as hell.

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One thought on “Character Development… Humm

  1. This brings me to an old English novel I read many years back, ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ The character that I found most attractive in that novel is Darcy, proud and towers shoulders high above the other characters but also has a heart that loves. I also read Jane Eyre and two characters Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester both impressed me.


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