Pre-sale Alert: 12th February Release !

the art of - self editing for writers - Kim Knight

One blessing from this pandemic is this baby! Book #3 of my Savvy Writers series has a new addition. Out now on pre-sale on Amazon for 4.99. Release date 12th February 2021.

About the book:

Are you a new writer ready to publish your work? Are you a seasoned writer? Are you about to submit your work to competitions or publishers? This concise book will help you create a polished and professional manuscript, that’s ready for public viewing, no matter your genre. From the award-winning and number #1 best-selling author of 365 Days of Writing Prompts for Romance Writers and The Art of Short Story and Novella Writing, Kim Knight shares her tips and tricks gained as writer who has been published by traditional publishing houses and worked with editors, with high standards! Also from her role as an editor.

This book is not designed to tell you how to write, or give you a grammar and punctuation lesson.  It is designed to help you intuitively edit your story’s content, and edit with confidence. The Art of Self- Editing for Writers covers a variety of topics outside the use of English to polish your work.  Structure and storytelling, developmental editing,  formatting, dialogue punctuation, and character’s point of view are just a few areas covered. The little things matter, they will keep your readers engaged. This guide is suitable for fiction writers of all genres, and nonfiction writers who wish to edit with confidence themselves, before they submit their work for public viewing.

Check out Amazon here:

6 thoughts on “Pre-sale Alert: 12th February Release !

  1. I wrote a post that writers don’t need an editor and you are echoing that-wish I advised months ago and you finally caught up. Thank you gifted young and beautiful lady!

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    • LOL well, I think that in all honesty if you self edit, then you should at least have a proof read! Because we read our work so many times we can ‘read what we want to be there’, and miss things. It’s always good to have a second set of eyes to at least proof it. In terms of editing yourself, of course you can do it without an editor IF you feel confident to, and understand where you could really polish up your work– which is what I hope to share in this book. I’m not anti -editors, BUT I do believe that as writers we SHOULD be able to confidently do an edit, before anyone else views our work. Your’re welcome too!

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      • In some of my comments I make an error from time to time in typing fast, but in writing manuscripts for my books I write and rewrite and proof read, but asecond opinion is good 2% of the times, but I rather have the 98% of opinions from buyers of my books; because you can’t please evereybody, but as long as 98% of readers and fans love my writings, and the 2%% don’t it is just par for the course. By the way you are great, Author, Kim Knight, I love your mind-catching words weaved into reading perfection!

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