The Best Day Of My Life – Reflection



After giving birth to my son almost three years ago,  and the day I opened my email to a publishing contract from my publisher, today has to be one of the best days of my life (so far). I just got home from work and have three hours spare until I need to return, in the mail arrived my paperback!! Ahhh!! I’m able to hold a physical copy of my work and creation as a writer this is MADNESS.  Here is an author selfie the moment I ripped open the package. I never even looked in the mirror to check my hair and make-up… I started work at 7.30 a.m this morning, I literally rolled out out the house  in a bit of a state in a whirlwind with my son, after a late night of writing. I’ve been so busy  writing for the charity project I’m doing over in the USA, I don’t even have time to do my nails  either….. what is the point? With all the tapping on the keys anyway they end up chipped in no time!

Anyway, just a small post with a moment of celebration from me. Below here I am lined up on my book case along side three of my favourite writers.



Jackie Collins: she introduced me to romantic suspense as a reader, the first book I ever read of Jackie’s was ”Deadly Embrace.” I was in my teens and this was my first ever romance suspense book. After that I read everything I could get my hands on from Jackie- starting with the whole ” Lucky Santangelo” books. Jackie is bad-ass… God rest her soul. I was upset when I learned she passed away, she not only influenced my reading but the genre I write in now, more than 10 years after reading her work. Thank you Jackie.

Martina Cole: One of the UK’s best selling crime writers, she’s raw, focuses on what goes on in the underground world of crime in the UK, and I love her to bits! My first ever Martina Cole book was “Faceless.” I read it and when the end was revealed my mouth hung open. From that moment on I thought she is a great crime/thriller writer. And also helped to shape my love for writing crime and thriller stories.

Stephen King: Need I say anymore about that man!?

Diane Chamerlaine: I only just found this author about two – three  years back I read “Necessary Lies”  with my book club, again I loved it. She’s a little like Jodi Picoult in her early days of writing. She has become one of the authors I’ll just download as soon as a new book is released, I don’t even need to read the blurb of what the book is about.

I loved every moment of writing this first book of mine, and my motivation to write for the love of it at the cost of juggling life, late nights, and the highs and lows of being a traditionally published author, is still very much alive. I look forward to having my second novel ready for Christmas, for all those who enjoyed or are enjoying A Stranger in France.

Have a great day all! Keep smiling and may all your wishes come true! 




6 thoughts on “The Best Day Of My Life – Reflection

  1. Congratulations, Kim. How exciting. A friend of mine recently sent me a video of them unwrapping their first novel and he was stoked. I’ve been friends with him for over twenty years so it was great to see the baby finally delivered…my book is taking about as long!!
    I loved how you stuck your book on the shelf next to your faves. I’d do something like that. Indeed, you could take it to a few famous libraries and photograph it on the shelves there too. You could have quite a lot of fun!!
    xx Rowena

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