Three Day Quote Challenge: Day #3

Sorry I missed yesterday, I got caught up. So today’s quotes are as follows and I believe I have completed my challenge I was nominated for….

quote 2

This quote means a lot to me, now I am not a religious person as I said on day #2 I’m  more spiritual than religious. But I really respect religion as a whole. This quote which is directly from the bible stuck with me when I discovered it ( and I was not reading a bible). It stuck with me  on a personal level and as a creative writer.

Firstly, as I do believe in the ”universe” and law of attraction- there is something  out there that guides and protects you, me and everyone. I don’t call it God or a person more like a force. Whatever it is that looks out for and guides us, you can do ” all this” whatever it maybe ( your goal or challenge) via that force strengthening us if that makes sense.  

The second reason this quote is important to me is because I selected it to use as a direct quote from one character to another  in my novel which is published in September. I won’t say how and why it features , or why it was said (that would spoil it, read the book and look out for it!). It is very fitting for a particular scene I crafted/  conflict  I wrote for one of my main characters in one of my chapters. 

36_ A Strong Woman Looks A Challenge Dead In The Eye And Gives It a ___ (1) - Copy

Well,what is there to say really? I think this one says it all! I can’t elaborate further …. I love this quote.

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