Thank You

Thank you to May. K. Hella for nominating me .

In return I’d like to nominate  Ngobesing Romanus   LoveHappily   Lora Tia  Michelle Diana Lowe Kim Bailey Deal   Opinionated Man KeWrites, Alexis Chataeu  Ana Spoke, Colourmeclueless and Caroleandsite.


11 Questions Answered from May K Hella to me

Name you favorite holiday destination.

Aww this is a hard but I would have to say Las Vegas, Amsterdam and the Caribbean all places I’ve had a great time at.

Favorite band.

How about fav type of music as I don’t have 1 fav band? I like 1950s-1970s soul and motown, some hip hop mainly older stuff, jazz, soulful house anything really apart from hardcore rock or hard core dance music.

In your creative process, what inspires you most? Art, music, life event, other?

Life and music.

Tea or coffee?

Typically English, a nice cuppa tea please 1 sugar.

What sits at the top of your bucket list? (what do you wish to try in this lifetime?)

Learn to pole dance! For exercise and due to my love of dance not to earn money ( just sayin’) I think pole dancing can be very artistic and classy when done right.

What book are you presently reading?

My own novel- editing process!

One word to describe yourself.


What keeps you sane?

My little boy he is so funny and cute, and music /writing

Early bird or night owl?

Early bird. For some reason I’m at the top of my game in the morning.

Name of your pets.


On the best day of your life…what happened?

I gave birth, and on another day I scored my first publishing contract. Both great days.


11 Questions for my nominees

Why do you blog?

What ‘s your fav colour?

What’s your fav movie?

What would you do if you have a million pounds?

What was your fav subject at school?

Tell me about a dream or goal you have set yourself?

Red or white wine?

Kindle or paperback ?

What are you reading?

Is there one subject you would NEVER WRITE ABOUT and WHY?

What’s your fav time of year?



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