11 Random Facts About Me: Response to May K Hella

I’m very new to the whole world of WordPress but I was nominated by a fellow blogger for an award ( Liebster Award) which requires me to give 11 random facts about me. So in response thank you to May K Hella  for nominating me and here are some facts.


  1.  I LOVE letter writing and snail mail, I have around 14 female  penpals in the following countries USA, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, UK,  Australia, Austria. Right now I have 5 letters  to write and send to Brazil, USA, UK , France and Germany.
  2. I’m a stationery collector and have a very unhealthy relationship with it LOL I buy way more than I’ll use in a life time but I just can’t help it.
  3. For the last  4 days I’ve had a really soar arm and swollen hand, to the point that I wasn’t able to hold a pen or type well. This morning my son grabbed my arm playfully and pulled it really really hard . I screamed a lot of obscene language ( not at my boy at the pain and promptly told him not to repeat mama) and all of a sudden my arm feels back to normal, I can type. No need for a Dr’s appointment tomorrow.
  4. I’m upset over the UK’s exit from the EU, personally I’d like to stay in.
  5. Green is my fav colour.
  6. I can sew and make clothes.
  7. If I was not a teacher I think my ideal job would be a make-up artist or fashion designer or even a simple dress maker.
  8. My fav classic books are To Kill a Mocking Bird and Jane Eyre.
  9. I speak French ( well I try to!).
  10. For my next book idea I want to work on a crime fiction story  I’ve had in my head for almost a year.
  11. I’m a member of a book club here in London. Well I run it to be honest.


And that is me! 11 random facts.




12 thoughts on “11 Random Facts About Me: Response to May K Hella

  1. Wonderful Kim! The long lost art of writing letter ! I used to have penpals. There is some excitement to be felt at getting mail addressed to you that is NOT a bill of some sort.

    Liked by 1 person

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